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Welcome to the world of Isaaka! We create aesthetic home decor products with an aim of making your home a reflection of YOU, with every piece of art hiding in it an emotion. We are here to create an experience that will make you fall in love with our unique and aesthetically pleasing collection that is available in a wide range of products that aim at transforming your house into the home of your dreams. With affordable prices, Isaaka believes that you need not pick between utility and style. Our products are not only pieces of art in themselves, but also can be used for multiple purposes making your everyday way of living more aesthetic and the perfect embodiment of your personality.

What does Isaaka stand for?

Our journey started with Sakshi and Deepika having an idea of expressing individuality and creating diversity in art – hence emerged the name. Isaaka is an acronym of I-SA-A-KA, which stands for Individuality as well as the names of the founders – Sakshi and Deepika, who created Isaaka with their utmost love and hard work and believed that the best way of expressing individuality is through the display of exquisite taste in art.

Why was Isaaka Created?

Isaaka came into existence when the founders Deepika & Sakshi couldn’t find unique artefacts that were an extension of their personality and taste and were distinguished from the art that is so common these days. They wanted to bridge the gap between general paintings and normal frames in terms of aesthetics as well as the prices. Being inclined towards the art of aesthetically pleasing decorations that are one of their kinds, they created the brand Isaaka which focused on 3D wall décor and garden items in the beginning but has since expanded to various other collections to cover various angles of art and utility.

What categories does Isaaka offer?

Isaaka started with their signature 3D Wall Art, but soon expanded their horizons to a variety of Décor products. Today, Isaaka offers multipurpose planters and vases, uniquely crafted handmade paintings, aesthetically pleasing dinnerware, versatile trays, handcrafted candleholders, diverse selection of lively figurines and outdoor décor, as well as the most innovative product; 3D Wall Art. Each product is an embodiment of art and everything beyond!


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Isaaka was founded by Deepika Mittal and Sakshi Mittal, a mother-daughter duo determined to change the world of art and décor market by storm with their unique and innovative ideas!


Connect with your home through decor that speaks for your itself

Our Founders

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Deepika Mittal

Deepika Mittal carried with her 20 years of experience regarding the end to end operations of a business, before laying the foundation for Isaaka in the year 2016. As she tested the waters and gathered an immensely appreciative response, her daughter Sakshi took the decision to join and expand Isaaka in the year 2018.

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Sakshi Mittal

Sakshi has graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science in BSc Business Management and went on to complete her Masters in Entrepreneurial Strategy & Leadership from Babson College, USA. After gaining job experience in consulting in the US for a year, she moved back to India to experience first-hand training into the business. In 2018, she decided to join Isaaka to take it to a more public level. Sakshi (Marketing Head of Isaaka) now focuses on marketing and sales.

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